Developing a thriving sustainable food system in the Berkshires.

KeepBerkshiresFarming! is a regional initiative started by the Great Barrington Agricultural Commission in 2010 and is modeled after the Glynwood Keep Farming program. While Glynwood has had wonderful successes in New York State in at least 10 communities, those efforts went on a town-by-town basis. In its formative stage, the GB AG Comm. was looking to establish itself with goals that would uphold our ideals for a rural community with a viable farming industry, while providing fresh, delicious and nutritious food to its residents, and even through the development of a local foods infrastructure, provide food security.

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  • To promote an agricultural community with a viable farming industry
  • To ensure fresh, delicious and nutritious food for Berkshire County residents
  • To support the preservation of our beautiful open spaces through agriculture
  • And to assist the development of a local foods infrastructure to increase regional food security.

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    Keep Berkshires Farming is looking for community members to help gather, track, synthesize & report information about local agriculture. Whatever your skill set or availability, we’ve got a project you could help with! For more information and to volunteer, contact MaryBeth Merritt at the Great Barrington Agricultural Commission.

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